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e-english connects teachers and students worldwide for free. The aim is to connect those who want to study English with those who have an ability to teach English. It promotes the transfer of knowledge and allows those with English language skills to market themselves to a wide audience at a cost that is acceptable to them rather than an imposed cost that would be stipulated by a school or other private organisation. At the same time it also allows pupils to choose from a wide range of teachers with a wide variety of fees. We therefore believe that e-english has a beneficial impact in terms of transfer of knowledge at a relatively low cost.

How does it work?
The main objective for e-english is to establish a large database of people wanting to study and teach English worldwide. In order to take advantage of the site you will need to register yourself either as a teacher or student of English. To do this you will need to enter details of your teaching methods (if you are a teacher) or your learning aims (if you are a student).

How much does it cost to use e-english?
e-english is completely free to use.

What kind of facilities do I need?
More information about how the site works can be found in the help section.

Help us improve
We hope that you enjoy using the site and will do all we can to ensure that it functions efficiently and effectively. If, however, there are any features that you feel could be improved or upgraded please let us know.